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Skin microbiome

By jen baxter


What is skin microbiome?

You may have heard the word before. And with everything you've read you might think the microbiome exists only in your gut. But there’s so much more to it … The main function of your skin is to be a physical barrier. Its job is to protect you from threatening organisms and toxic substances.

Just like your gut, skin microbiome is a collection of microorganisms - mostly bacteria - that work together to protect your skin and keep the barrier functioning optimally.

Think of it like a fingerprint - the microbiome is unique to you. Some parts are similar in everyone. But others are defined by things that are personal to you, like genetics and lifestyle. It’s influenced by factors like where you live, what you eat, and even if you have pets. It plays an essential role in keeping your skin looking supple and healthy.

How Does it Affect Your Skin’s
Healthy Glow?

Research into the skin microbiome is still relatively new. But studies like this one from NCBI have established that it exists and is part of our skin barrier’s defense that works with our immune system.

Your skin microbiome does a lot from day-to-day. It protects you from unfriendly organisms and helps manage a healthy pH balance.

Experts agree that adding prebiotics to your skincare routine can play an instrumental role in resetting the microbiome.

Prebiotics, which are a food source for the good bacteria we all need, can help recalibrate your skin microbiome. When there's too much bad bacteria, undigested toxins are pushed out through the skin, resulting in (you guessed it) acne.

And there are so many internal and external influences that can throw your skin microbiome off balance and weaken its barrier. Everything from air pollution and stress to harsh skin products and hormonal breakouts.

Making changes to your lifestyle and skincare routine can calm inflammation and make your skin more resilient. It’s all about understanding which products to use for your own skin. The right gentle products will bolster your skin’s ability to protect itself and keep a healthy glow.

Four ways to feel happier and have your skin show it:


1. Slow down and relax

Just like with our internal health, stress can negatively impact our skin's health. Even at the microbiome level. Create time for self-care. It could be a yoga or meditation class, journalling, a dip in the ocean, exercise, or regular time in nature. Goodbye, stress breakouts. Hello, healthy skin microbiome!


2. Care for your gut

Heard of the gut-brain connection? The gut's connected to just about everything in your body. Including your skin. Focus on your gut health, which means, plenty of prebiotics: fibre-full onion, garlic, leek, asparagus, artichoke, nuts + seeds. And also some probiotics: a supplement and/or some kefir/kombucha/sauerkraut, and organic whole foods. Happy gut = happy life (skin included).


3. Work up a sweat

Make time for regular workouts! Get those endorphins going and that heart rate up. Healthy sweat will act as a bit of a prebiotic skin treatment. It goes without saying that working up a sweat with regular exercise is wonderful for your physical and mental health.


4.Smart skincare that Benefits your skin Microbiome

Glowing skin starts with energetic vitality that is inextricably linked to skin health. When you balance your skin microbiome, you’re improving the biological capability of your skin. The effect is a complexion that is more resilient and younger-looking. This new generation of skincare can help reset your skin microbiome to maintain balance. It can also decrease stress and pollution damage which leads to premature aging. As a result, your skin will feel more balanced and healthy and have an even tone and texture. Nurturing your skin's flora is the place to start to take better care of your skin. You’ll want to add our Baby Buddha Calming Serum - full of prebiotics & antioxidants - to your skincare routine to maintain your natural, flawless glow.

Be intelligent. Be informed. Live a #ameonlife

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