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United by ice
Ameōn x vlad

A collaboration between Paris based photographer Vlad Zorin (recently named by the Royal Photographic Society as one of six young photographers to watch) and award-winning New York based AMEŌN® skin explores the cool heat of an ancient beauty ritual - skin icing.

This collaboration between AMEŌN and Vlad Zorin, inspired by ice and the beauty of life, makes a powerful statement about the freedom of love by featuring a Ukrainian and Russian man living in Paris, the City of Light.

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Well known for his creative, daring but sincere style, Vlad's unique and honest lens captures emotions and meaning hidden in body language.

AMEON CEO Alina Mehrle turned to her longtime friend to make a powerful statement by showcasing the company's signature Frozen Essence™ in intimate moments of an early morning rendezvous. In these powerful images, the dreams and desires of youth and love are frozen in time by ice.

AMEON is building an Ice Cult Beauty Movement that modernizes proven, ancient skincare rituals. Skin Icing is a sensual and ancient healing practice that AM EON beautified, modernized and enhanced by infusing it with the science of skincare to create the world's first Frozen Essence. The beautiful practice of physical indulgence heals and invigorates the body, mind and soul.


Vlad zorin

Alina mehrle, ameōn

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